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Just a few words about my work . . .

Juju H.

'Wonderful at urging and coaxing out a life by design!'

Jo Ann Kobuke is a keen intuitive who leads with the perfect mix of compassion and pragmatism. She's been there--so she understands the challenges and transitions of midlife, and how we may not always be living out the life we imagined. But she's wonderful at urging and coaxing out a life by design. More than anything, I trust Jo Ann. She listens, gets inside my head, and helps me to get to exactly where I need to go. Juju H.

Monica M.

'She helps me think things out . . . '

I've enjoyed working with Jo Ann. With her coaching, she helps me think things out and create a plan of action to move forward. Excited to work with her in the future. Monica M.

Hilary H.

'She truly listened . . . I'm not alone in how I felt'

Jo Ann was such a great leader to work with. She truly listened to what my needs were and made me feel like I was not alone in how I felt. I loved the fact that she gave me advice I never would have dreamed of and it truly worked! I would recommend having Jo Ann help anyone struggling with where they are in their life in order to see that they can do what they have always dreamed of.

Hilary H.

Sherri E.

I felt safe in all of our sessions . . .

Jo Ann is very comfortable to open up to. I felt safe in all of our sessions to explore my brain patterns and emotional strengths and shortcomings.

Sherri E.

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